What’s on the Menu?: Diet of Lions


Lions are Carnivores. They Diet of lions could be every animal they can catch.

The Lions are commonly known as the “The King of Jungle. However, they are mostly found in grasslands and savannahs of India and Africa. Almost every zoo has a lion. They are renowned for beauty and strength.

Lions pride: diet of lions

Lions are the big cats of “Felidae” family. They are social animals. These big cats live in a group known as pride. The pride mainly consist of females, 3,4 male lions and few young cubs. When the young cubs are fully grown they are kicked out by their mothers to live alone or join other pride.

The Hunters: Diet of Lions

Lions are the fierce big cats. The female lions mostly do hunting for the pride.  In animal’s world, lionesses are the skilled hunters. After hunting, lionesses bring the prey to home i.e pride. However, bachelor lion males which don’t live in a pride do their own hunting.

What do Lions Eat? Diet of Lions

As described earlier, lions are the carnivores big cats. The diet of lions is meat. They eat all types of meat they found. So, for food these big cats hunt a variety of meaty animals. The animals they hunt ranges from small animals to large animals. Different varieties of lions habitats has a direct effect on their available food.

The average diet of lions for male lion is 7 kgs and and 4.5-5kg for female lion. Lions as a whole can eat up to 15% of their body weight during just one meal. Lions hunt animals even when they are not hungry. So they are known as greedy cats.  During eating already hunt prey, if another animal comes near , a lion will hunt it also to get more food.

Africans lions mostly eat zebras, buffalo, wildebeest, warthogs, and a variety of antelope. While Indian lions also eat different species of wild boar and deer as well.

Diet of Lions: LARGE ANIMALS

Smaller animals that lions eat are birds, hares, turtles, lizards and mice.

diet of lions: small animals

Larger animals include zebras, wild hogs, wild dogs, antelopes, cheetahs, buffaloes, leopards, crocodiles, baby elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses and mature giraffes.


Lions run at a speed of 60 Km per hour while cheetah’s speed is 97 kph. It means that lions speed is pretty slow. Lions don’ run for very long without getting out of breath. Therefore, lions are skilled hunters. 1st they stalk their prey and get as close as possible before hunting. Very slowly and crouching near to the ground, lions make sure that they have not been seen and heard. Then quickly, they jump on prey taking it by surprise.

Interesting Facts Related to the Diet of Lions

  • You will be surprised to know that Lions don’t drink much while eating meat.
  • Like dogs, Lions also eat grass to balanced diet but when they are relaxing and hungry.
  • And yes, lions love to eat human beings as well. But they prefer to eat this delicious meal with mustard, pickles, mayo, ketchup and lettuce. (Just Kidding).


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