Mountain Lion Cubs

“Once I climbed into a mountain lion’s cage and she bounded at me and put her paw on my face, but she kept her claws withdrawn.”  –Edward Hoagland                                            

Lion cubs has created spell  on  human imagination.Strength, grace, stealth, independence, and the wilderness spirit are idiosyncrasies of this feline. It is the inhabitant of American wilderness. It feels homely in forest, desert and jungle as well.The  cubs of  Mountain lion or a Cougar are one of highly sought after wild-cats.

Mountain lion cubs

The Mountain lion cubs is intertwined with cultures of the indigenous Americans.The Inca city of Cusco has been designed in the shape of a Cougar.The ceramics of Moche people represent Cougar.It is the mythical character of North American myths.It has religious connotation for Algonquins and Cherokee.

Lion cubs facts of mountain cubs is that they mostly take birth between May and October after a three-month gestation period of mother.Three kittens is the average size of a litter.Newborn cubs  have  spots on their skin for the first three months of life.These spots remain till the age of one.  They remain immobile for three months.

Having being weaned for two to three months, the lion cubs begin  to travel with the mother. They  stay with mother for about 11 to 18 months.After this,the cubs have to spend independent life.Studies have revealed that an adult female usually nurtures 50%newly produced and 25% dependent kittens from the previous year.

First six months of a white lion cubs’s life are crucial.The younger cubs of six month who remain under the care of their mother have 66% chance of surviving to adulthood.In comaprison,only 4% Orphaned kittens younger than six months have chances of surving to adulthood.Starvation causes death  in orphaned kittens.

After six months, lion cubs can survive.Female Cougar normally stops producing milk after eight to twelve weeks.This behaviour makes kittens know that they are no longer in the immediate vicinity of mother.Paul Beier,the researcher of  Mountain lions in southern California says that  mother disicourages her kittens from remaining with her.

The mountain lion cubs remain in the care of mother typically for 12 to 18 months.They learn their hunting skills and develop their killing bite.This bite on the back of the neck of large prey  cutts off the the spinal cord forcibly and causes almost immediate death.The bit to kill is instinctive in Cougar but the skill needs learning and practice.

Dispersal is the time when cubs leave mother’s home range.Its not always the dispersal that decides departure.Mortality does as well.There are only few cubs who live  a full life span of 13 year as lions.In lion cubs facts, they have to face several challenges for survival.Humans shot them for recreation, sport and trophies .

The Mountain lion is killed when people feel afraid of it.There is a dire need to spread awareness about this least concerned wild-cat.The Lion Cube Foundation works for ‘enlightened view’ of Mountain lion.It worked for California Wildlife Protection Act of 1990 which banned the sport hunting of Cougar in California.

The cubs of Mountain lions are stars outside the wilderness.They rule over the hearts of western hemisphere.White lion cubs are favorite among pets.People upload their pics on instagram with cubs.Celebrities get their photos captured with Mountain lion cubs.

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