Big Cats Predator: Predator of Lion

The biggest predator of Lion is the human. Predator of Lion Due to their size, strength and savage abilities, lions are viewed as one of the “huge felines.” Lions are the biggest cats in the world. The other members of this group are Tigers, cheetahs, panthers, pumas, and cougars. Lions are the main felines that live in gatherings, which are called prides. Prides are families that comprised of two to three males, a dozen of females and some young ones. The majority of a pride’s lionesses are related, and female remain with the gathering as they age. Youthful guys in the pride leave and build up their own particular prides by assuming control over a gathering headed by another male. Before discussing the predator of lion lets have a look on big cats lifestyle.

Lion Prides and Hunting

Just male lions brag manes, the great edge of long hair that surrounds their heads. Guys safeguard the pride’s region, which may incorporate about 100 square miles of prairies, clean, or open forests. These scary creatures stamp the region with urine, thunder menacingly to caution gatecrashers, and pursue off creatures that infringe on their turf. Lion pride: Predator of Lion Female lions are the pride’s essential seekers. They frequently cooperate to go after gazelles, zebras, wildebeest, and other larger animals of the open fields. A large portion of these creatures are speedier than lions, so collaboration pays off. Young lion don’t help in getting prey until they are about a year old. Lions will chase alone if the open door presents itself, and they likewise take murders from hyenas or wild canines. LION PREY

Powerful Yet Vulnerable

Lions are at the top of food chain. But now they are endangered mammals. Since 1980, there is 50%  decline in the the lion population. When a male lion is killed, the pride is regularly assumed control by a traveler lion who will slaughter the cubs – which adds to the lion’s declining numbers.

Predator of Lion

Some animals are only eaten by the lion; because lions are at the highest point of food chain, and at the extremely focal point of food web. Lions have no predators. However, the above statement about predator of lion is not true. Lions also have predators. The biggest predator of Lion is the human. People kill big cats out of dread for their lives, for traditionally burial practices. Man also kills them for an act of bravery. Mostly the big cats are not killed for a food. They are killed for the hunt of lion and sport as well. They chasing of lions is not really terrible and can help protect people. predator of lion

Old, debilitated lions are in some cases assaulted, executed and eaten by hyenas. Also, extremely young lions can be slaughtered by hyenas, panthers and different predators when they are not being observed deliberately by their moms.

Sometimes lions fight with other lions for females in the pride. Isn’t it surprising?  Male lions also fight for the food that has been brought back by the females. As these fights are dreadful so these are among the most well-known reasons that lions are killed. At the point when lions battle each other, one of the lions by and large winds up passing on thus of the battle. This is not in fact thought to be predator conduct, but rather frequently qualifies as the lions have not very many predators in the world.


Throughout the history, lions are celebrated for their strength and courage. They once wandered the vast majority of Africa and parts of Asia and Europe. Today they are present in few parts of sub-Saharan Africa and in India’s Gir Forest.

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