In lion cubs facts , the lion has been hailed as the king of the jungle for countless years. Whether because of its majestic figure, strong, yet elegant or because of its beautiful, glorious mane. Not the largest animal in the African wild, it is certainly a magnificent one.

The family structure of lion cubs is a unique and curious one. Said to be very social animals, they live in groups called prides. The ratio of male to female lion is considerably less and male lions also play a very small role in the upbringing of their cubs.

Lion cubs have a very fascinating life span. When they are born, their mother goes into isolation to give birth. And when born, they weigh from one kilogram to up to five kilograms. Completely defenseless and helpless, they are only left by their mother if she has to hunt which she does in nearby locations.

Blind at birth, mountain lion cubs open their eyes after four to five days. At around ten to fifteen days, they are able to crawl and sometimes walk. These cubs are born in litters of up to six cubs, thus there are always siblings to tussle with. These cubs are hidden for up to one to two months till they are introduced to the pride. Even their weaning doesn’t start until they are ten months old.

White lion cubs are playful to the extreme and acts like biting, swiping at each other and tussling is normal play for them. They are raised by their mothers and the other females in the pride who also allow these cubs to suckle from them if they are lactating. The females do not differentiate between the cubs.

These cubs are protected by the male lion cubs of the pride who are very patient with their playful attitude. Fearless and with loads of stamina, they are known to pester their fathers who tolerate their antics till they go too far. Then they are snarled at or bitten to teach them a lesson and the lion cubs subside for a while.

By the time they are two years old, mountain lion cubs have learnt how to hunt and by the time they three to four years old, they are considered to be fully grown. Now whilst the females still remain playful, the male lions tend to be a bit more lazy and serious. This could also be due to the fact that once fully grown, they are kicked out of the pride to survive on their own and this leads them to roam in packs till they find a pride to take over.

White lion cubs also tend to make very popular pets. As exotic cats, people prefer to take them in when they’re cubs and then give them to a zoo when they’re too old to manage. As pets, these cubs get attached to only one or two people and they are very hard maintenance. They’re more harder to take care of than children.

They have a very specific diet that needs to be followed with chosen vitamins and nutrients and without them they may very well die, malnourished. Also, with lion cubs as pets, you cannot take a vacation or leave them for long periods unattended as it upsets them and they will refuse to eat from anybody else but you since they trust only you.

lion cubs facts

In lion cubs facts, once they grow to maturity, they will kill any domestic pets you may have. It does not matter whether the domestic pet and lion have been raised since birth together, the large cat will see the pet as a threat to its territory and attack it. This lesson has often been learnt the hard way by lion cub owners.

Another very major issue when it comes to adopting lion cubs is that once they’ve matured, dumping them off your head into a zoo is not that easy. It takes a lot of procedures to give a zoo your lion cub. Aside from that, there is also the issue that if the zoo does have enough space to accommodate your lion cub, it may not be able to adjust to that life and could very well die.

These issues are the reason that keeping a lion cub as a pet involves a lot of legal preparation. Not everyone can just buy a lion cub and keep it. You need to get permission from numerous authorities.You living accommodations have to be inspected before you can get the go ahead. Also, the price of one lion cub is so expensive that not just anyone can buy it. And putting the price aside, constructing the cage where it has to live is also crazy expensive.

This is why, lion cubs may be adorable, playful, easy to love, but in the end they are predators who should be best left alone in the wild with their own.

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