Lion cubs are the most adorable baby animals on the earth. They have always remained in demand as pets. Many people around the globe want to buy baby lions and keep them as pets as they are doing with mature grown up lions.

lion cubsEveryone appreciates the daring and unique personality that lions have among all the animals. The way they live their life in wild and most importantly the way they claim to be the King of their territory. Therefore, they are known as king of Jungle.  As per nature of law every lion king was once a lion cub.

Just like lions, their cubs also have some interesting facts which you must know especially when you want to have them with you.

Lion Cubs Facts

  • Whenever Lioness has to give birth to her cubs she gets away from its pride. Lioness always tries to look for a place where no one can find its cubs. So, it has to be secret and far away from its pride land. A lioness never introduces her cubs to the pride unless they are two to three months old.
  • Lion cubs are born with tiny black spots around their head and body. Later, they vanish away with their age. The average weight of a Lion cub is between 1 to 5 Kilograms. Their eyes get open after 3 to 11 days of their birth.
  • A Lioness keeps cubs in secret unless they are two to three months old. So she kept on visiting them for weaning purposes. Lion cubs start to take their feed by their mother after 8 to 10 weeks and they continuously take it till the age of minimum 10 months or one year.
  • Once, lion cubs get introduced to the pride; they start learning different arts and techniques which are necessary for their survival. A lion fully grows up at the age of 4 years. When male cubs reached to their grown age they usually left the pride by their own will or sometimes by their elders. So, they can experience the wild on their own.
  • While the lady cubs remains with the pride, though in future lioness will become more effective and aggressive hunter. Usually in pride its lioness who hunts more than a lion. But still male cubs are tend to leave the pride so that they can make their own pride or get a chance to become a member of any other pride.
  • A very interesting fact about Lions is that, they do not seek permissions to be the part of any pride. They have to fight with other lion to get the leadership of that pride.  Male cubs try to look for a weak opponent or much aged opponent who can get defeat by the younger one.
  • As the young ones are in full of energy; the next step is quite cruel but yes it’s their life cycle. After defeating the lord lion the younger one claims it lordship over the pride and lionesses.  They have to kill all the babies in the pride.
  • A lioness does not let the lion mate with her unless the cubs are 2 months old.  That is why; lion kills all the babies so that lioness cannot resist him. This is also a reason that lioness do not introduces its cubs unless they are 2 months old.  So that, no lion can harm them.
  • An average age of male lion is 10 to 15 years whereas female lives up to 20 years but in wild. This is the situation when they live in their natural habitat otherwise less than that. So, we all need to think upon this fact that whether their natural habitat is wild or our garage.

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