Lion Facts
“Oh Lion in a peculiar guise,

Sharp Roman road to Paradise,
Come eat me up, I’ll pay thy toll
With all my flesh, and keep my soul.”
―Stevie Smith, Selected Poems


In biology and ecology the word extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of the endangered species. A species is extinct when the last existing member dies Moreover, a species is considered extinct when they can not reproduce due to poor health and only hand full of that species survives.


Habitat degradation:

This is generally the main cause of extinction and its main cause is agriculture, mining, logging, fishing and other primary sector activities. Others things such as fitness landscape, toxic environment, bad weather conditions so basically the human is the main cause of extinction.

In today’s article well talk about the animals, Lions in general and their few species which are prey of extinction. We will get to know many species of lions which needs care in order to prevent them from extinction!


  • The Lion Is one of the big cats in Genus Panthera.
  • The male can not live longer for more than 10 to 14 years due to wildness and continual fighting with rival with males reduces their life span.
  • But they can live for 20 years if they live out of wilderness.
    However, the Genus Panthera includes:
  • Lions
  • Tigers
  • Jaguars
  • Leopards
  • and snow leopards
    Though, the modern lions are classified in 24 sub species on the basis of size, thickness, color etc.Lion-PNG-Clipart

    Endangered lions:

  • Lions are not officially called endangered species but their number is falling
  • By listing lions as an endangered species, we can guarantee them protection under the Endangered Species Act  protection that they are currently denied.
  • This would mean importation and trade of lion parts and trophies would become illegal.

    African Lions:

    Since 2004 the African lions are to be called endangered species as there are declining since than between 23000 and 39000. Lions in Africa face many threats including:

  • Habitat loss
  • Hunting
  • Prey depletion

Killing of livestock

In which the hunting is considered the basic factor of killing species for example:
The hunting of lions like we saw the famous Cecil earlier this year.endangered species

       White Tigers:

  • There are only around 200 of the white tigers left in the world and is extreme endangered species.
  • White tigers are an Asian species, found from the frozen tundra of the Soviet Far East, south to the humid jungles of Malaya and Indonesia
  • West to the hot, hardwood forests of India.
  • There are five living subspecies; three others are already extinct.
  • Current estimates put the world population of wild tigers at about 5,000-7,000, the most numerous race being the Bengal race
  • They are distributed among some 18 tiger reserves and sanctuaries of India (and a half-dozen in Nepal and Bangladesh), accounting for over two-thirds of all wild tigers.White-Tiger-Wallpapers-6

    Tasmanian Tiger:

  • Also known as Thylacine.
  • The Thylacine probably went extinct around 2000 years ago in mainland Australia and possibly even earlier in New Guinea.
  • The Thylacines were drove to extinction by the adverse effect humans had on the environment, including the diseases they brought over.
  • The extinction of the Thylacines is most commonly blamed on hunting, competition with wild dogs, erosion of its’ habitat, the extinction of prey species, and a distemper like disease.
  • The Thylacines survived into the 1930’s by inhabiting the island state of Tasmania
  • They were very rare by that time.


Kalahari lion:

  • At Kalahari’s Wisconsin, the resort contracts with cruel exhibitors and convicted wildlife traffickers who breed lion and tiger cubs, rip them from their mothers shortly after birth, and then bring them to Kalahari
  • At this Jungle these animals are placed in large cage made up of glass and no one is allowed to take pictures with these animals until or unless they don’t pay for the picture.
  • With this money collected from pictures, things and special food should be bought for these lions


Ways to protect Endangered Lions:

As America consumes the lion more than any other country as they hunt animals more than any other country. However, terms and measures should be taken for special protections of such endangered species to go extinct. These sensitive specie should be taken a great care. There should be special treatment for these lion specie.

So for this purpose, hunters would have to pay much higher prices to shoot their game, and the money spent could actually go towards conservation efforts. Let me just elaborate more ways to prevent these species.

  • Prohibit the import into the U.S. of African lions and their parts, unless for conservation purposes,
  • Be an essential step in reversing the current decline of the African lion, and
  • Heighten awareness of the importance of African lion conservation among foreign governments, conservation organizations, and the general public.

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