The Chicago Cubs are finally World Series champs.: Cubs fans

The following 2017 Cubs record predictions are for the cubs fans.

Cause behind optimism:

From on baseball’s mountain finally, Cubs fans cheerfully affirm the confident expressions of Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding. The Pacific truly is as blue as it was in their fantasies.

Cause behind pessimism: 

Indeed, even the 1985 Chicago Bears resistance was just that useful for only one season.

After a winter’s appearance, it wasn’t the best round of my lifetime – that differences still has a place with Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. However, a year ago’s season finale was irrefutably the most critical. What will most likely be to a great extent overlooked is the means by which close Joe Maddon came to joining Al Capone, Mrs. O’Leary’s dairy animals and Steve Bartman as the last individual from Chicago’s Mount Rushmore of Infamy.

Cubs fans have to forward however, not back, in light of the fact that, to marginally summarize the eternal expressions of the Dallas Cowboys’ Duane Thomas, “They’re going to play it again this year, right?”

In addition to the fact that they will play it again this year, yet the Cubs are considerably heavier top choices to come back to the Fall Classic than they were a year prior right now.

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